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Dynasty Warriors Online

Set in the tumultuous era of the Han Dynasty in China, this free MMO game tests your true skills as a warrior belonging to one of three warring kingdoms...
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Dynasty Warriors Online Description

Set in the tumultuous era of the Han Dynasty in China, this free MMO game tests your true skills as a warrior belonging to one of three warring kingdoms...


In the client game Dynasty Warriors Online there are three armies engaged in an all-out war for control of the Jing province. Cao Cao of the Wei army, Liu Bei of the Shu army and Sun Quan of the Wu army are all striving for control of China, and it is up to you to decide which clan you will side with, in this history-changing battle.

To play Dynasty Warriors Online you must first sign up for a free account. Proceeding this you must download the game client, and you are then ready to enter the ancient Chinese world of Dynasty Warriors Online. Create your own fierce warrior character and join forces with one of the three great kingdoms.

Combat provides the core of the client game, and there are several varying combat modes you can partake in. After completing training quests, you can enter the bloody realms of 4 vs 4 melee brawls, faction showdown battles, intense campaigns, useful mock battles against your own faction members and epic arena fights.

In the client-based fantasy game Dynasty Warriors Online you are able to make new friends, and form a party or guild to roam the Jing province with. Explore the in-game marketplace and interact with a number of NPCs including the Blacksmith, Tailor, Broker, Antique Dealer, Merchant and Craftsman. It is in the marketplace that you can repair your armor, activate and add elements to your weaponry and trade your consumable items.

The hack and slash client game Dynasty Warriors Online has endless head-to-head combat, thrilling quests and numerous opportunities for character advancement. Rise as a brave and fierce warrior and re-shape the pages of history.

by Kyle Hayth

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